Part 6 • Why Share?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Joyfully sharing our financial resources is an expression of thankfulness and praise to God. It is one way we demonstrate our gratitude for the “indescribable gift” of God’s grace. When we share our first and best with God, we acknowledge that all good things come from God and all we have belongs to God.

Part 5 • Why Study?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Can you truly love someone you don’t know? Daily prayer and Bible study are significant practices that help us understand, know and love God in deeper ways. Listen as we explore the transformation that occurs when we study.

Part 4 • Why Serve?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Jesus equipped all believers with the gifts to work together and serve. How are you using what God has given you to serve God and others? Are you serving or volunteering? How are you growing and maturing in the way you serve?

Part 3 • Why This Church?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:God gives each local church a “heart” for the unique ministry needs of that particular place. For whom does our heart break? What is the work for which we are specifically gifted and called?

Part 2 • Why Church?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Why do people need the Church? Why is the Church vital to carrying out God’s work in the world? Our faith is intensely personal – but there is a difference between a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a private one. Faith in community is always pushing us beyond ourselves to others. This week we’ll explore the essential role of the Church.

Part 1 • Why God?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Why is our relationship with God the most significant one we can have? Why do we need Jesus Christ? Why do others need Christ?Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring a series of “why” questions that get at the heart of an active faith life.

Part 6 • Working to Trust God

Lindsey Jasper


Description:Our special guest in worship this week is Lindsey Jasper. Lindsey is a social worker in the School District of Washington. She coordinates the Franklin County Homelessness Task Force and the Fighting Hunger and Fueling Minds program which provides food to students in need. She’ll share her experience of trusting God to guide her work through the school and community.

Part 5 • Working for Transformation

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Transformation is a process of change and growth. How is God guiding your transformation? How is the difference that’s making changing the world around you? This week we’ll explore the work of transformation.

Part 4 • Working to Do What God Wants

Maggie Lohmeyer


Description:We know that God is good in all things and desires only the best for our lives, yet we often exercise our free will to turn away from doing what God wants. This week we explore our personal focus on the will of God, and how each of us has the opportunity to participate in the mission of transforming the world.

Part 3 • Working to Love Others

Adam Caldwell


Description:Loving others is not always easy, but it is at the foundation of what Christ teaches us to do as disciples. This Sunday, guest speaker Rev. Adam Caldwell will share his family’s story of how the church’s Labor of Love includes ministering to families with special needs, and how loving others is truly loving God.

Part 2 • Working to Offer Mercy

Marsha West Eichler


Description:We respond to God’s grace by helping to offer it to others. Discipleship requires understanding the suffering of others, wanting to do something about it, and taking action by placing ourselves into the situation in order to bring about change. This week we'll take a closer look at how "Compassionate Intervention" transforms the world.

Part 1 • Working on Our Relationship With God

Marsha West Eichler


Description: A labor of love is something we do for others with no expectation of gain for ourselves. God loves us and the work we do to serve God is a labor of love. We may think of work as something we do to “get” but the work we do to deepen our relationship with God is a work of “giving” ourselves fully to loving and serving God.

Part 4 • Finding the Good in Grief

Marsha West Eichler


Description:The loss of a loved one is a traumatic life event that we all eventually face. But the state of our relationship with God can have a dramatic impact on how each of us walks that path. Join us this week and hear Mike Neubert share his powerful story of finding "Strength & Comfort" in the midst of adversity.

Part 3 • Replacing Misplaced Trust

Marsha West Eichler


Description:When we face adversity, we may turn to “stuff” to bring us hope – work, accumulating money or possessions, pursuing activities that bring us pleasure. But that hope is misplaced. True hope comes from our relationship with God. Listen as we explore how to move from lives of misplaced hope to lives "Hope-Full" in God.

Part 2 • Suffering | Endurance | Character

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Sometimes suffering is a consequence of our choices or the choices of others, sometimes it is simply a reality of the human experience. This week we’ll explore how God helps us remain Hope-Full and can even use our suffering for good if we will allow it.

Part 1 • Don't Worry About Tomorrow

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Adversity is a part of our human condition, and sooner or later we all experience the pain and suffering it can bring. This series will explore how an ongoing relationship with God plays a major role in how "Hope-Full" you can be when life gets tough.

Part 5 • Upsize or Downsize?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:As we live into God’s dream for our lives what are we upsizing and what are we downsizing? How do our choices and priorities reflect a God-sized vision? That’s our focus for worship this week as we conclude our series on "NOT Lukewarm Living." You won’t want to miss it!

Part 4 • Ifs, Ands, or Buts?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Obstacles prevent us from achieving the dream God has for our lives. How are we setting our big "buts" aside?

Part 3 • Whose Agenda?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Are we seeking to follow God’s agenda in our lives or do we have our own plan and we’re hoping and praying God will bless it? This week we’ll explore how we can align our lives with God’s agenda.

Part 2 • Dare To Dream?

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Each of us has the opportunity to live into a God-sized dream in our earthly lives. How are you responding to that dream? Whose vision and character is inspiring that dream? Plan to be in worship this week as we dare to dream.


David Meyers


Description:Video used with this Sunday's message.

Knowing Your Why

Michael Jr.


Description:Video used with this Sunday's message.

Part 1 • Almost Christian

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the characteristics and practices that move us from a general belief in God to a vital, Christ-centered life of faith that is hopeful and alive.

Part 6 • Self Leadership

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Perhaps the most difficult leadership challenge we face is self-leadership. We look to the prophet Jeremiah for insight this week as we consider the practices that help us lead from the center.

Part 5 • Just In Time Leadeership

Marsha West Eichler


Description:This week we’ll explore the story of Esther and her adoptive father Mordecai. Mordecai’s strong faith, mentoring and leadership prepared Esther to exercise courageous leadership and save her people.


Katie and Taylor Goodale


Description:Watch as Katie and Taylor share their story.

Part 4 • Following Christ=Leading Family

Julie and Jim Dotson


Description:Our ability to lead others to Christ starts with our willingness to be led by Christ. That’s especially true in our families. Listen as Jim and Julie Dotson share how they have experienced Christ’s leadership in their lives and in their family.

Part 3 • Fueled By The Spirit

Marsha West Eichler


Description:This week we’ll explore how the Holy Spirit enables us to lead and to address the deepest needs of the world. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God that resides in each believer as a result of our faith in Christ and God’s grace. This is Pentecost Sunday, which occurs seven weeks after Easter and is the day that commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the early believers.

Part 2 • An Unexpected Role

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Fear and doubt can prevent us from leading. Ananias was willing to trust God’s prompting to lead even at the risk of personal safety and discomfort. As a result, he was instrumental in the Apostle Paul’s conversion. This week we’ll explore how God frees us to lead even when we are afraid.

Part 1 • Following Christ

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Whether or not you view yourself as a leader, each of us has the opportunity to exercise spiritual leadership. During this series we’ll explore what it means to follow the servant leadership style Jesus demonstrated and how we can break free from some of the obstacles that impede vital leadership.

A Place For Us

Phil Estes


Description:God as a faithful parent is one of the ways we experience God in scripture. God’s nature is that of Father and Mother who makes a place for us, our refuge from the storms of life. We give thanks for those whom God has sent to give us a place of comfort and hope in our lives.Phil Estes, Pastor of Administration for Manchester United Methodist Church will bring the message this week. Listen to this special message.

Part 3 • When We Disagree

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Kind words and compassionate responses come more easily when we agree, but the example set by Jesus Christ calls us to a higher standard. This week we’ll explore how we can “Speak No Evil” even when we disagree.

Part 2 • Blessings and Curses

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Out of the same mouth can come blessings and curses (James 3:10). How we speak in our families – verbally and non-verbally makes a difference. How is God’s wisdom shaping the way you speak and listen?

Part 1 • Speak No Evil

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Ephesians 4:15 says we are to speak the truth in love, but communication is hard work. We’ll explore how the way we speak and listen can offer healing and hope.

Part 9 • Easter

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Jesus didn’t spend much time teaching about heaven. Instead, his emphasis was bringing God’s Kingdom to earth by living heaven’s ethics now. Based on that approach, what does the resurrection mean for us today? What response does Easter call from us?

Part 8 • Holy Thursday

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Listen to this moving remembrance of Jesus’ final hours.

Part 7 • The Crucifixion of the King (Palm Sunday)

Marsha West Eichler


Description:In a culture that values individuality and independence, to whom or what do we give our complete allegiance? What does it mean to identify Jesus as our King and the Lord of our lives? What is the implication of worshiping the One whose glory is revealed through the cross?

Part 6 • The Farewell Disclosure

Marsha West Eichler


Description:What would you say to your closest friends if you knew you only had a short time to live? We get a glimpse of what was on Jesus’ heart and mind as we read the Gospel of John. This week in worship we’ll explore how Jesus prepared his disciples for what was to come and the timeless relevance of what he taught.

Part 5 • I Am the Light of the World

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Jesus uses seven powerful metaphors to describe himself. Among those is “I Am the Light of the World.” The light of Christ pierces spiritual blindness, lost-ness and evil. This week we continue to explore how the Gospel of John helps us understand who Jesus is, what Jesus does and how we can share his light with others

Part 4 • Miraculous Signs of Life

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Turning water into wine and restoring the sight of a blind beggar are just two of the miraculous signs described in the Gospel of John. The fine points of these stories aren’t just interesting details, they point to something deeper. Listen as we explore the meaning behind the miracles and the way they connect us to the light and life of Christ today.

Part 3 • The Word Made Flesh

Marsha West Eichler


Description:God didn’t remain at a distance. God showed up in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. This week we’ll explore how Jesus breaks into the darkness of our everyday lives.

Part 2 • 40 Days in the Wilderness

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Darkness is not just the absence of Light, but also the absence of Life. During this season of Lent, we will explore the many ways in which the presence of Jesus Pierced the Darkness, making a path for all of us to follow as we seek Light and Life.This week's video can be viewed at:

Part 1 • Ash Wednesday- Jesus Brings Life and Light

Marsha West Eichler


Description:In this special evening worship experience, we will explore a deeper understanding of what the season of Lent means for us today. This service includes Holy Communion and the Receiving of Ashes.

Part 2 • Commandments 6-10

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Most of us can name at least a few of the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament, but these laws are probably not something we think about on a daily basis. Just as Jesus clarified "The Law" for a culture much different than the time of Moses, we might be well served to study what it means for us today.

Part 1 • Commandments 1-5

Marsha West Eichler


Description:Most of us can name at least a few of the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament, but these laws are probably not something we think about on a daily basis. Just as Jesus clarified "The Law" for a culture much different than the time of Moses, we might be well served to study what it means for us today.